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Simplicity, the ultimate sophistication

Relax In A Cozy Formal Living Room Vibrant Dining Area with Attached Kitchenette Serene Outdoor Garden Area- The George Unwind in the Sitting area- The George

Step into The George, where a world of luxury unfolds. From the sumptuous privacy of your room to the allure of our shared spaces, indulge in the grand living and dining room, where fireside reading and delightful conversations await. Embrace the elegance of our centralized common areas, inviting you to unwind, connect, and create cherished memories with fellow guests.

  • Formal Living Room: In our formal living room, immerse yourself in history beside two high back sofas framing an original fireplace. Pour a glass of wine, engage in a game of chess on our mahogany game table, and relish the ambiance with a view of the neighborhood.
  • Dining Room: Enjoy your mornings in our one-of-a-kind room adorned with a hand-painted peacock and palm leaf mural by local artist Fabio Sanzogni. The vibrant green bistro chairs, white marble tables, and pendant lights create a memorable atmosphere to enjoy our delicious homemade breakfasts, tea, coffee, and snacks throughout the day.
  • Garden: Discover serenity in our whimsical garden, where old-world charm meets modern bliss. Unwind on comfortable outdoor furniture, basking in the sun with a glass of local Napa Valley bubbles in hand.
  • Exclusive Lounge Area- The George Engage in conversations in our comfortable lounge Exclusive spaces to celebrate every occasion
  • Lounge: Immerse yourself in the allure of our newly opened exclusive loungeā€”a versatile space for wine tastings, business meetings, and movie nights. This area now hosts private and exclusive micro-events, offering a perfect setting for relaxing, lounging, and engaging conversations among our guests.

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